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The Drum Contributor Network gives you the opportunity to have your own page on thedrum.com where you are the editor, the sole contributor and the sole advertiser. The page design and layout mirrors the main content pages of the site, allowing you to surface your own stream of content on an internationally respected platform.

Your page and your content

Use your own page on The Drum to tell potential customers all about your business and see all your latest work and case studies. And because the Contributor Network platform drives The Drum's directory search function, your company's content will be easy to find by everyone.

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How it works

We provide the platform and you provide the content and handle the distribution of the content yourself. There are share buttons to help you to distribute it.

You will have a choice of tags for your content and these will allow the content to be searchable in the Contributor Network search. You can add some company details to your page too. This is called our Author membership which is paid for quarterly.

If you need help with creating content, crafting headlines or creating insights then we offer these services on a pay-as-you-go basis.

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The Drum Contributor NetworkLevel 1: AuthorLevel 2: Authority
Content & Info you Can Self Publish (and share socially)
Your company information & contact detailsTickTick
Your company's latest news & appointmentsTickTick
Your company's latest projects & case studiesTickTick
Your company's latest blogs, insights, knowledge & opinionsTickTick
What We Publish to Your Company's Content Page
All content published by The Drum's editorial teamTickTick
Your RAR Recommended StatusCrossTick
Drum Research Standings (Agency Census, Top 100 etc)CrossTick
Content Distribution Strategy (where we publish your stuff)
Your own Company content & profile page (with widgets to share on your social platforms)TickTick
The Contributor Network Content HubCrossTick
The Contributor Network SearchCrossTick
The Drum Website (Topic pages for eg Retail, B2B, FMCG etc)CrossTick
The Drum's HomepageCrossTick
Distribution on The Drum's social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn etc)CrossCross
Exernal Distribution (via Outbrain)CrossCross
The Essentials (what else You get)
A Drum CN logo for use in your own marketing materials/website etcTickTick
Benefit from The Drum SEO IndexTickTick
Access to our customer care teamCrossTick
Entry to The Drum Contributor Network AwardsCross1 FREE Entry
Add On Services (what you have access to as a member)
Editorial & Content Creation (priced per item, see our content menu)TickTick
Inclusion in Contributor Network's Printed Quarterly SupplementCrossCross
Price per month£195
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Price per year£1990
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