Liz Holt Freelance Copywriter

Liz Holt Freelance Copywriter

About Liz Holt Freelance Copywriter

Your customers need to 'feel' and understand what's special and different about your brand or organisation before they can choose you. That's the starting point for all my work with clients.My copy builds brands throughevery touchpoint - packaging, websites, ads brochures, prospectuses, guest directories, letters...

You can trust me to get it right because I'm that rare thing:both a 'creative' and 'long' copywriter. It'sthanks to a 10yeardyed-in-the-wool responsive agency backgroundfollowed by 11 years' freelance, workingmostly for direct clients anddesign consultancies. It's especiallyhelpful in this online-offline world.

So what do you need to do? Clarify your tone of voice to create consistency across all your marketing and communications? Or just have someone slot into the process and create the right copy for one particular project?

I've won 25 awards for effective creativity; my words work. Pleaselook at my portfolio and see what clients say on my website - and give me a call.

Clients in the past 24months:

“I hugely value Liz’s skills as a writer. She’s highly intuitive and will invest time getting to know the client and his/her business’ needs then craft the copy to fit like a Savile Row suit."

Kath Macintrye, MD 13hundred


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