About KISS Communications

KISS is the creative agency that clarifies the complex.

We create ideas that will surprise you and worry your competition.

We call it 'the art of simplicity'.  

Our ability to cut through complexity and deliver stand out creative based on a single-minded proposition has enabled us to win a fantastic family of B2C and B2B clients in the Science, Technology and Healthcare sectors.

We are strategy-led and successfully integrate Advertising, Branding, Digital and Public Relations services.

Latest News

Measure me this, measure me that: the eternal riddle of PR analytics

Like most PR professionals my age, on the first day of my job I was presented with a huge pile of press cuttings and told to get out my ruler and start measuring!

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Technology in education: top marks or room for improvement?

In 2011, Sebastian Thrun – a Stanford University professor who had joined Google – launched a class on artificial intelligence called CS221.

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Customer Experience and the power of simplicity

Last week I sent out a team email which attempted to simply explain how to use the new office alarm system. Half an hour later I received a tongue in cheek reply all email with a user journey attached.

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Navigating stormy seas the KISS way

We’re in the midst of a political maelstrom: the repercussions from Trump’s first 100 days, the continued fallout from Brexit and the Prime Minister’s comments on ‘globalisation making the world fearful’.

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Do you know what your problem is?

Here at KISS this month we’ve got a few ideas floating around that just won’t go away, and this is one of them.

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