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Hello, we're iris. We build Participation Brands

‘Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I’ll remember. Involve me and I’ll understand.’

So the ancient Chinese proverb goes. And in today’s era of ‘Participation’, this old adage rings truer than ever.

Here at iris we have deep expertise in building ‘Participation Brands’. Brands that have a purpose, innovate and shape culture. Brands that harness the power of involvement to survive and thrive in the era of Participation.

We are all about the blend

At iris we make it easy for brilliant talent from all sorts of commercial, creative and cultural backgrounds to team and collaborate effectively around client challenges. It’s our ‘no borders, no boundaries, no barriers’ culture, organization and management model that makes us uniquely able to bring this to bear with real agility around client challenges, all over the globe.

We have no dominant ‘discipline gene’, no departmental silos and no personal ego. Just a diverse array of specialists who have one thing above all in common; they are natural born collaborators operating in a no borders, no boundaries, no bullshit environment.

Our big ambition

Today iris is a diverse, thriving creative network. Our 1000 people across 14 offices work with some of the most adventurous and successful clients in the world. Our ambition is quite simply to be the most inspiring and innovative agency network on the planet.

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