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We’re Guerillascope, an independent TV planning and buying agency that works a little differently to make advertising budgets work harder.

Our ethos is simple: whether big or small, challenger or established, we’re passionate about supporting ambitious businesses with flexible, targeted and inventive campaign strategies.

Stationed in the heart of London but with offices also in Ireland, we buy late in the market to access the best airtime deals for clients on both a national and international scale, whilst our fierce independence means we operate outside of share deals with media owners to grant advertisers complete freedom in who their brand reaches, and how it is perceived.

From as little £10,000, we can demonstrate the power of TV advertising with complete transparency, whilst our real-time campaign optimisation capabilities means our team is primed to enhance performance with the utmost agility.

Put us to the test: call 0800 357 675 to speak to a Guerillascope expert, or visit our website to learn about the services we offer.

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TV & SVOD: cutting the cord, or supplementing the hoard?

Netflix and Amazon have bared their teeth once again, leaving traditional medias such as TV chewing on renewed predictions of an existential crisis.

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TV Advertising: The Credible, Safe & Brand-Defining Option

TV advertising is still mistakenly seen by some as an expensive, wasteful medium – and a dying one, at that. Misconceptions abound, but as Google still sits smouldering in the embers of the recent misplaced ads fiasco, it's important that we debunk these myths once and for all.

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