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Profile Hub - Appointments

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Tara Honeywell

Mediator Ltd

Location: London
Position: Managing Director
Date Joined: 09/07/2013

Emily King

Intermarketing Agency

Location: Leeds
Position: Digital Intern
Date Joined: 04/07/2013

Tero Väänänen


Location: Sheffield
Position: Head of User Experience
Date Joined: 03/06/2013

Tom Fieldhouse

Intermarketing Agency

Location: Leeds
Position: Media Executive
Date Joined: 01/07/2013

Eric Bader


Location: New York & San Francisco
Position: Chief Marketing Officer
Date Joined: 12/06/2013

Manjul Rathee

Forster Communications

Location: London Bridge
Position: Senior Designer
Date Joined: 21/06/2013

Holly Plant

Studio Mashbo

Location: Liverpool
Position: Digital Communications Consultant
Date Joined: 12/11/2012

Fay Miller

The Exchange Lab

Location: London
Position: Marketing Director
Date Joined: 18/06/2013

Anna Nicklin

Intermarketing Agency

Location: Leeds
Position: Account Executive
Date Joined: 10/06/2013