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Profile Hub - Appointments

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Greg Carroll

Location: London, UK
Position: UK Country Manager
Date Joined: 19/06/2015

Scott McLintock

We are AD

Location: Glasgow
Position: Front End Developer
Date Joined: 15/06/2015

Ken Parnham


Location: London
Position: General Manager Europe
Date Joined: 16/06/2015

Andrew Bloom


Location: Quirk Cape Town
Position: Executive Creative Director
Date Joined: 01/06/2015

Ian Mawle

Staak Ltd

Location: Leamington Spa
Position: Senior Designer
Date Joined: 24/02/2015

Katherine Charles

Intermarketing Agency

Location: Leeds
Position: Digital Project Coordinator
Date Joined: 05/05/2015

Jake Frost

Intermarketing Agency

Location: Leeds
Position: Front-End Developer
Date Joined: 11/05/2015

Lee Parkin


Location: Leicestershire
Position: Account Director
Date Joined: 08/04/2015

Stewart Taylor

Vertical Leap

Location: London and Portsmouth
Position: Head of IT
Date Joined: 04/05/2015

Paul Binikos


Location: Johannesburg
Position: Managing Director of Quirk Johannesburg
Date Joined: 04/05/2015