Why London begrudgingly deserves its title as UK tech centre

Dom Burch is the founder and MD of Why Social, a strategic marketing consultancy, and former senior director of marketing innovation and new revenue at Asda. Trained in PR, Dom has spent the last 17 years in a variety of comms roles at Asda, Direct Line and Green Flag including head of PR and head of social.

I've spent the last two days in London meeting people, networking, exploring opportunities, connecting ideas, and having a bit of fun.

I've met magazine editors, entrepreneurs, managing directors of big brands, attended events, and speed dated with eight interesting start-ups.

And, whether I like it not, it was all possible in such a short space of time because I was in London.

It reminds me of why SXSW or Cannes Lions events are worth going to.

The melting pot of people, the location and atmosphere, creating all the right conditions for magical stuff to happen.

Serendipitous meetings, inspiring conversations, and the sense anything is possible.

Daft ideas are built on and reinforced, humoured for long enough to test their veracity. One in particular, resurrected from a distance conversation will debut at a glittering event later this year. It's a bit bonkers, but I think you'll take it the way it is intended.

And there's always someone else doing something surprising. A new take on an old idea. Simplifying a point of pain.

Yet there is also massive contradictions.

Not least for me today having misplaced the micro C charger for my Nexus 5x phone. Who knew buying one in a real shop would prove so problematic in the tech capital of the UK.

This time of year I am normally in California visiting colleagues in San Bruno. Hanging with the cool kids. I was missing it not surprisingly, but the last 48 hours has scratched the itch.

London came good.

And that was more undexpected than I thought possible

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