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Top Mobile Campaigns

James Connelly, co-founder and managing director of Fetch, rounds up the best mobile marketing from around the world. James has specialised in mobile media for most of his career so far, working in both London and Sydney. He launched Fetch, one of the first pure-play mobile marketing agencies in the UK, in 2009, aged 23. Today the agency’s clients include eBay and Hotels.com.

How Audi, Ikea and Nike are turning mobile advertising into a service

We’re all excited by ever more creative and innovative ways to tell consumers to buy this product or download that app. But if we’re only on a constant quest to find the most inventive route, more often than not, messages get lost, and consumers are left feeling bombarded by unsolicited content. Often, in our mission for that download or sale, we think of the communication in terms of how they serve the brand, not the consumer.

Savvy brands are using the mobile channel to turn advertising into a service rather than an interruption. This type of branded utility ultimately creates a more intimate relationship with the end consumer by offering an additional product or service to make their life easier.