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Mark's Digital Media and Tech Law Column

Mark Leiser: I am a PhD Candidate in Cyber Law at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. I have written submissions for the Leveson Inquiry into the culture and ethics of the media and for the Scottish Parliament on the use of social media during trials. My PhD is supervised by Professor Andrew Murray at the London School of Economics and focuses on the effectiveness of cyber-regulation. My research and interests revolve around main areas of Internet law and policy including internet governance & regulation, democracy, social media, privacy, and intellectual property. My PhD research focuses on developing a system of modelling to measure the effectiveness and legitimacy of Internet Regulation. I write in a personal capacity.

Esurance stunt proves to be best non-Super Bowl ad

Was the most successful marketing campaign of this year's Super Bowl not a Super Bowl ad at all? Esurance gave away $1.5m to a lucky tweeter in a model campaign likely to spur a lot of copycats.