Zuckerberg's fortune, a redesign for Twitter and YouTube offline viewing - the social media lowdown

It's social media, minus the irritating hashtags. Iona St Joseph cuts through the clutter to bring you a weekly update on the social stories you need to know. A trained journalist, Iona manages the social team at 10 Yetis' dedicated division, A Social Media Agency. You can follow her daily musings and opinions on Twitter @ionastjoseph.

Think twice men taking up too much space on the train

I write this between checks of my iPhone, eagerly awaiting the privilege of being updated to iOS7. It hasn’t happened yet, but apparently the UK is scheduled to be updated en masse at 6pm, just to keep you posted.

Zuckerberg’s still loaded

I know you were as concerned as I was* when I found out that Mark Zuckerberg had slipped to number 36 in the 2012 Forbes 400 list of America’s richest people, so you’ll be delighted to hear that he has stopped being such a slack Alice this year, and has earned his way back into the top 20.

I don’t know what the flip he was spending his dollar bills on last year (I like to think it was sea monkeys), but he has managed to up his fortune from $9.4bn to a sweet $19bn.


*Not very

Tumblr of the week

Don’t even try to deny that you don’t like a hilariously named Tumblr, because I’ll know you’re lying.

This week, the internet gods have gifted us with mentakingup2muchspaceonthetrain.tumblr.com.

As is the way with a good Tumblr, a lot of the hilarity is derived from the well-chosen name, and this one continued to impress.

So, next time you’re on a packed train and you think it’s ok to sit with your oversized briefcase on your way to work as a professional douchebag, just think of this blog. Then do as the nice conductor tells you and put it in the rack above your seat.


New Twitter designs?

Word on the street is that Twitter is on the brink of launching a site redesign, the site’s first in about two years.

The new mobile app will apparently offer new content streams for trending topics, including breaking news, live TV, and sports events. Photos and videos will also be displayed more prominently, which will be interesting to see.

I imagine uproar will ensue any changes, because that’s the way we are these days. To those who are upset about it, come back to me in six months with answers to the following questions:

1. Are you getting the service for free? Yup? GTFO.

2. Can you remember what it looked like before the update? No? EXACTLY.

YouTube will enable offline viewing

Sound out the bells of merry Scotland! YouTube has announced that it will be launching a new feature on its mobile apps allowing viewers to watch videos even when they are offline.

I KNOW! Technology these days, eh? The new update will be available in November, and will hopefully help to stem the boredom of long journeys on public transport.

I know if I can watch episodes of ‘The Saturdays 24/7’ on a Virgin Voyager from Lockerbie to Cheltenham, it will make the 4 day** voyage more bearable.

**Slight exaggeration.

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