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13 September 2013 - 2:16pm | posted by | 18 comments

Intimidation over Rangers story left me in fear - Scottish media must unite

Fear: A minority of Rangers fans have intimidated journalistsFear: A minority of Rangers fans have intimidated journalists

The most recent developments in the story of online intimidation towards journalists in Scotland covering events at Rangers fill all reasonable people with disgust. Sadly for many, myself included, these stories no longer come as a surprise.

Since editing a book about Rangers’ financial collapse a year ago - Downfall, by Phil Mac Giolla Bháin - I have been on the receiving end of sustained abuse and intimidation.

I’ve called the police out to my home several times, on one occasion late at night in a very frightening panic – let’s be clear, the behaviour of these people has a very real effect on the lives of their targets.

Under police advice I’ve made changes to the way I live my life. Rarely do I publicise my whereabouts for fear of who might see it. It only takes one person to decide to take matters into their own hands and it’s not far-fetched in Scotland – the bombs and bullets sent to football managers, players, QCs and politicians in Glasgow show that this is not a game.

My family members have been up for discussion online alongside all aspects of my personal life. I’ve faced constant smears on Rangers supporters’ forums and blog sites and my block button on Twitter is required every single day.

I have a thick skin and I can handle complaints with my work, it’s par for the course in this industry. But the last year has been on a different level. I’ve experienced a sustained campaign against me and I’ve had conversations with other journalists trying to struggle through the same.

I know that journalists have been frightened away from the story and I sympathise with them. Many have to consider the fall out for their family members, their children. In Scotland the intimidation has been working and that’s why it continues to happen.

The Drum hasn’t been immune to these tactics either. In just the last couple of days, the names and contact details of every reporter in the office have been posted on the Follow Follow message board, along with the address of the office. I won’t repeat the language used to describe myself and my colleagues, but needless to say vile would be appropriate.

The situation requires a united front from all media organisations in Scotland and a zero tolerance policy. As Stuart Cosgrove notes in The Drum’s examination of the problem, digital technology presents a challenge. The cut and paste complaints culture has been utilised as a form of intimidation. The way in which these campaigns are coordinated and the objectives of them can be freely viewed online by those encouraging them. Some vigilance is required in our ever-changing digital landscape.

If media organisations want their journalists to embrace this technology, they must take all steps to ensure their protection, safety and support.


15 Sep 2013 - 22:02
ed18720709's picture

If you constantly seek the limelight on your sectarian crusade and your sympathy for all things Irish republican and anti British,you will have people take a dislike of you,personally I pity you as are defined only by your hatred of Rangers.

15 Sep 2013 - 19:58
pmmcc17702's picture

It's nice that you have chosen to defend those who intimidate in the name of Rangers. @ed18720709

16 Sep 2013 - 12:53
ed18720709's picture

@pmmcc17702 You wouldn't happen to know what happened to the missing miners compensation money ? Anyway back on subject ask Hugh Dallas,Chris Graham,Stuart Dougal and many many more about intimidation. In regard to miss Haggerty she works in tandem with a failed author and pretend journalist who is a proven bigot,and if that isn't enough she spends copious amount of hours on Twitter deliberately provoking Rangers fans then plays the victim card when people take a dislike to her. And finally she is not averse to telling lies.

16 Sep 2013 - 12:45
pmmcc17702's picture

I'm not Paul, but get your dig. If you had read the story regarding Paul and not just the spin on the forums, you will know that there was/is no missing money - he never applied for it, that was his wrongdoing. To suggest Angela made this up is moronic on your part when it has been well evidenced. As for the others you mention - I have never condoned intimidation regardless the recipient - YOU HAVE!!!@ed18720709

16 Sep 2013 - 13:32
ed18720709's picture


Hmmmm resorting to shouting,re Paul McC he ignored those poor people for years refusing to answer their calls until their claims were timed out,also money due to some of those people wasn't passed on and he used it prop up his failed company,i suggest you read the transcript of the findings into the investigation by his peers. As for miss Haggerty I and many others consider her to be a bigot and untrustworthy.

15 Sep 2013 - 22:33
grizz99115's picture

Strange that they always seem to fail to recognise their own bigotry when penning their drivel! And shock horror when there is a reaction.

16 Sep 2013 - 09:53
tommy-the-hat's picture

Sevco / TRFC fans are pretty much the same fans of the dead football club that were known as Rangers. Unfortunately, it's still the same idiots and brain dead morons that follow them. They will completely go out of existence and Ibrox will be a Lidl soon enough, I cant wait.

16 Sep 2013 - 15:50
ed18720709's picture


Pacific Shelf covered up the deeds of Jim Torbett and Frank Cairney not to mention their paedophile club photographer.It would appear when it comes to brain dead idiots Celtic fans think if they ignore it then it didn't happen,thankfully their desire to bury the truth has failed.

Have a nice day.

19 Sep 2013 - 22:48
tommy-the-hat's picture

ed18720709 -------------------------------------------------------- Eh?! Wtf are you blabbering on about? Pacific Shelf, Jim Torbett etc, what is it with you morons and your fascination with child abuse?! Don't you get that you are actually belittling a horrific subject by using it in that manner? Its also completely irrelevant but it really does take a particular type of pathetic cretin to mock child abuse and it makes you no better than the vile individuals that did it in the first place.

Honestly, something is seriously wrong with you. Read your post again and if you still genuinely believe that is rational and normal, you are in serious need of mental help.

If you want scandal - then look no further at Rangers (Deceased) and the Ibrox disaster. Then there's the cheating and corruption that came more recently...all that laughable singing about the Queen and the HM forces gala days while they avoid taxes (??) and the faux dignity thing, 'peepil' really are something else, but not in a good way, in a sort of Virginia redneck way...'wee arra peepil' Haha, aye, you certainly are that alright!

Now. The subject in question was the treatment of Jim Spence. At what point in your retarded rant did you actually address anything I said? That's right, resort to the old deflect tactic...well, deflect all you want for all I care, your rotten zombie reincarnate of a club is going to end up the same way as its predecessor soon enough and so are the likes of you and we have been busy telling you for the past 2 years, yet you still refuse to listen. True morons indeed. Mind you, there's been plenty of laughs along the way - Whyte, Chuckie Green, Ahmad's maw! And how could we forget Custard The Clown! Yep, its been comedy gold but you wont be missed.

Your time has passed and our day has come:)

Aye, have a nice day...and a very good riddance.

17 Sep 2013 - 11:48
ed18720709's picture

@tommy14207 Oh dear, the old deflect anyone who mentions your clubs actions in covering up child abuse is sick,a bigot ect,ect,the fact your rancid club tried to hide it and were never punished for it appears lost to you,in fact you then go on a rant with many lies made by and presented as facts by Celtic fans propaganda department. If you tell lies about us, we will tell the truth about you

May I take this opportunity to withdraw my offer of a nice day.

19 Sep 2013 - 22:46
tommy-the-hat's picture

@ed18720709 Are you completely stupid? Deflection? Err...being as the term 'irony' is lost on you, I'd best remind you that it was yourself that begun with deflection and it remains only you that is still deflecting - I was discussing the treatment of BBC's Jim Spence from deranged moronic followers of Sevco/TRFC and you spun a load of sick garbage about child abuse.

I'm STILL waiting to hear you discuss anything about Jim Spence! Its what the article is about ffs!! What, do you police sites like this all day long - chucking child abuse comments at folk who have an opinion different from yours?

I didn't set out throwing mud at you but nonetheless, I find it true to form that you cant even bring yourself to face Rangers various scandals and its criticism following the disaster. Hypocritical revisionist liars, cheats, bigots and sick child abuse mud slinging scumbags. Always have been and always will.

May I take this opportunity to remind you that your football club died and the zombie tribute act currently playing at rusty roof towers are only there to bring ££ back to Ticketus and the spivs are their guys - once the ££ is paid back (do some basic arithmetic) they are off and within 5 years Ibrox will be home to only tramps and pigeons. Gone and a new Lidl development on the cards...oh the dignity:)

Aye...have a good day and next time your passing Ibrokes, remember to pop in and put 50p in the electricity meter...

19 Sep 2013 - 00:37
ed18720709's picture

@tommy-the-hat Ok so your quite happy supporting the bheasts,a club that fiddled (pun intended) the taxman for 30 odd years with false attendance figures,who refused their greatest manager BJK a place on the board because he was a protestant,who celebrate the deaths of British soldiers,who love Ireland so much they wont go stay there,who have never been defeated always cheated,can't lose with dignity,who hound match officials when beaten to the extent they went on strike and two resigned,whos fans think they are left wing whilst their church is the most right wing organisation on Earth not to mention riddled with paedophiles from top to bottom. Rangers will be back in our rightful place as Scotlands premier club soon,it will be worth the wait,up there with helicopter Sunday.No children were harmed in the making of our club.

ps if you believe Spence's story about being threatened your an imbecile,like miss Heggarty he's playing the victim to save his job for deliberately breaching the BBC Trust guidelines after BBC Scotlands previous lies.

19 Sep 2013 - 12:40
kathl86716's picture

@tommy-the-hat Mr Struth died in 1956 you absolute moron. More lies from Timmy. Take note. Must. Try. Harder.

19 Sep 2013 - 22:52
tommy-the-hat's picture

ed18720709 -----------------

Ooohhh....aren't we getting all angry? Your playing the cliched purple faced perma-rage Sevco/TRFC fan pretty well it has to be said but at least you did manage to say something about Jim Spence, it didn't make much sense but at least its a start.

Revisionism is strong within the brethren, its what you peepil do as a rule so no point in trying to debate properly, its not as though your going to be rational when molestation of children is the only thing you have to say, which it is, so lets be honest here, you just don't like 'uppity taigs' and you don't like facing the truth about the death and reincarnation of your old football club. Esp when said truth is told by timmy!

Thing is, I know you only set out to deflect the story from Sevco/TRFC fans abusing a reporter because he exercised free speech. Jim Traynor, Charles Green and many others have said Rangers died. It was the consequence for failing the CVA attempt and only after the scammers from Ticketus turned up did the reincarnate operation swing into action.

Your club really did die, get over it and stop hiding behind silly theories about clubs and companies etc - No-one voted Sevco/TRFC from anywhere...the clubs refused to allow a NEWCO to jump leagues! Its a complete nonsense to claim otherwise and bullying people just proves that the peepil even know it themselves, you would have started the season like Hearts did otherwise. Your club died. Rangers ceased to exist and the dead clubs license passed to Dundee FC. Sevco then called themselves 'The Rangers' and the brand new club lost 2 votes to skip leagues. And rightly so.

Jim Spence and any other reporters have every right to say so too and clowns like you might attack and deflect but this time its gone too far and this will come back to bite your rotten zombie reincarnate in the arse. Only club in existence where a player can bet against his OWN side yet remain fully supported by the management! Hahahaha!!!! Yep, their takin the p-I-ss and you lot just keep lapping it up!

Kath - It's the rowing boat thing I'm getting confused with - but you sound a bit confused yourself, too much of the Frosty Jacks perhaps?? Anyways - aye, Bill Struth indeed...

Rangers manager William Wilton and his assistant Bill Struth go for a sail on the Clyde down Gourock way and only Bill Struth returns. Struth takes the job of his drowned boss directly afterwards and the rest is

But the Ibrox disaster? A civil action taken later by widow Margaret Dougan was not so kind in its judgment of the club. Mrs Dougan, whose husband Charles died in the accident, was awarded more than £26,000 in damages and her case prompted Sheriff J Irvine Smith to issue a damning criticism of Rangers. Scathingly, he said little had been done to improve safety on the staircases after the previous incidents and found that the club appeared to have proceeded with the view that ‘if the problem was ignored long enough, it would eventually disappear.'

As always, have a good day and keep off the Frostys...

20 Sep 2013 - 20:10
ed18720709's picture


Mr Hat, The Rangers Football Club has been Rangers name since 1872,so keep on using it,i would guess you have harvested you many made up lies from the Fiddleboard. You are correct about the award to Mrs Dougan,the rest is a catalogue of lies. It is a source of much hilarity amongst Rangers fans that your average dhim spends more time obsessing about Rangers than than their own club, as is evident at the half empty Jimmy Savile Arena. Lord Glennie, the SFA, UEFA,FIFA,ECA AND ASA are all of the opinion The Rangers history is unbroken,but your average dhim says "it pure isnae in nat mad ill Phil (when he's not leaving pensioners to die) says so man". Keep it coming, its as your average dhim would say...quality man.........bwhahahahaha

20 Sep 2013 - 20:36
tommy-the-hat's picture


That's better - you seem much less angry now, that perma-rage really ain't so good for you but the obsession with child abuse should be worrying...but hey ho, each to their own and if that's your favourite subject then knock yourself out!

You really are thick - if Rangers history was unbroken, then why did the newco have no license (having been transferred to Dundee FC) and why did the new licensed team begin in the 3rd division?

Show me where UEFA have Sevco/TRFC's history concurrent with the old Rangers. You'll find that UEFA regard you as a one year old side, which is correct, Lord Glennie and all the masons can appease you muppets all day long but the rest of us know better and so do UEFA.

I'll sing you a song Ed. 'Row row row your boat gently down the stream, club Wilton oe'r the heid, now I run the team'

Did you know auld Bill Struth used to sing that??

Now, any more from you and I'll send Shaun Of The Dead round to see bad, bad zombie!

20 Sep 2013 - 21:52
tommy-the-hat's picture

Ed - Another thing - Did you know Celtic have had far more players involved and awarded for their roles during WW1 and WW2 than Rangers (Deceased) ever had? That's because your all a bunch of draft-dodgers, honestly, you all have an utter cheek with your so-called 'Britishness' and support of the forces (which I do myself for personal reasons) It's just laughable, lets face it, If you really loved the Queen and her forces so much, then why would you deprive them of MILLIONS OF POUNDS of tax revenue??!!

We pay our taxes and support the state, your old dead club STOLE from me, you, the state and many, many others including its fellow member clubs for years in a manic obsession to match Celtics European success - and yet, still failed miserably and ended up liquidated in the end with a zombie tribute act and a gang of crooks and spivs running the show - but kudos to them for the laughs and for Green, Craig Whyte, the big hoose guy, the weird looking ned that shouted - verbatim - 'wherz yur muwwion pound noo ya prik' at the bold Craigy-bhoy outside Ibrox but the biggest thank you has to be for the death of Rangers F.C. and the zombie tribute act wont last either, your finished. Believe me when I say that Ibrox will be derelict in less than 5 years, no Sevco MKII and no team whatsoever ever again.

Dignity? When was the last time that word could be used to describe anything at Ibrokes?

Cheats, liars and obsessed-with-child-abuse-scumbags that don't pay their way. A right bunch of deluded phuds and tramps if you ask me though...

26 Sep 2013 - 14:48
Sammy20388's picture

Tommy your top Bhoy!!! Get them knuckle draggers told!! They support a tribute act, it really is simple, so are most of them right enough


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