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Viral Trend Highlights: Dove's #MyBeautifulSelf and Console Wars

After a whole host of sports campaigns leading the way for trending brand viral videos last week, this week swings round to focus on the nation’s feminine side, with Dove presenting their newest video – Camera Shy.

Left with the tough challenge of trying to follow up on the success of Real Beauty Sketches, this time Dove focuses on why so many women (90% according to their own research) are so self conscious and try to hide themselves from the camera, whilst asking the question - at what point in a woman’s life do they “become their own worst beauty critic?”

Camera Shy features clips of a range of women being ambushed by a camera, only to shy away and attempt to hide themselves from view, contrasted to the confidence of young girls who have no such body image issues. Dove states their aim is to encourage women to be “their own beautiful self”, and is using the hashtag #MyBeautifulSelf to invite women to join in the conversation.

Many have praised the ad not only for it’s inclusion of a diverse range in the women featured, but also for the underlying message of raising women’s self esteem.

With over 10,000 Facebook & Twitter shares in just over a week it looks like Dove have managed to continue with the success of Real Beauty Sketches with this latest viral offering.