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Viral Chart Highlights: Spock Vs Spock in the new campaign for Audi

Sci-fi fans are probably aware that Star Trek: Into Darkness hit big screens across the UK this week and brands with associated ad campaigns have been ramping up their marketing in an effort to cash in on the anticipation of fans.

There have been a couple of Star Trek related commercials popping up online recently, including ads from the likes of Esurance and Mazda. But one of the stand out videos that caught our eye and topped the Viral Video Chart this week with over 3.5 million views, is the latest campaign for Audi.

The new ad spot pits Star Trek veteran Leonard Nimoy against sci-fi newbie Zachary Quinto in a battle of speed and wits, as Quinto challenges his older counterpart to a game of golf and a race to see who can reach the green first.

With Quinto driving the new Audi S7 and Nimoy lagging behind in an obviously inferior Mercedes (a bit of a cheeky dig from Audi), there’s clearly no competition. But after it appears that Nimoy has lost the bet, the ad ends with a sneaky comeback from the original Mister Spock as he knocks Quinto unconscious with a Vulcan nerve pinch.

The video is packed full of subtle Star Trek references and with the cinema release of Into Darkness just around the corner, it’s the perfect time for brands to amplify their message and make their campaigns more relevant and searchable.

Of course, Audi isn’t the only brand to associate itself with the release of Star Trek: Into Darkness. Mazda is actually the only automaker with an official partnership with Paramount, having arranged a deal that allows it to include elements from the film in its advertising. In contrast, the Audi video makes no direct references to the film, using much more subtle Star Trek associations and paying homage to the history of the series as a whole. The ad has clocked up over 3.5 million views in the 3 days since its release, (nearly a million more than the Mazda ad that was launched last month) – it’s clear which one the viral community prefers!