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Super Bowl ad reviews: Coca-Cola, Oreo, Budweiser, Samsung Galaxy, Taco Bell, Chrysler

And so the Super Bowl ads for another year have rolled out to almost as much excitement and fan fare as the game itself. Some of the UK's top creative minds in the advertising sector chose their favourite from this year's crop and explained just what was so special about them.

Steve Hatch, CEO for MEC UK - Oreo

“When thinking of the best ad from the Super Bowl, you have to consider which was the most effective. As the lights went out at the New Orleans Superdome, there was only one winner: Oreo. It wasn’t even in the much talked-about half time slot; in fact it wasn’t even a traditional TV ad. It was a free ad that showed everything great about seizing the opportunity. “Oreo reacted the quickest to the power out and created a relevant and humorous ad, with the strap line ‘you can still dunk in the dark’ that was tweeted out for free while other brands around £2.5m for a half time slot. Real-time marketing at its incredible best. “And the worst? For me, it was the Go Daddy. I understand being controversial is in their DNA but this spot just felt lazy.”

Sedaka Charles, creative director for Maverick - Oreo

“Oreo’s quick reactions may have given them the final touchdown of the Super Bowl ad game, but its success relied just as much on creative thinking as it did on good timing. The power of social media is it’s fast-pace ability to reach millions in seconds, but it also needs to have content that users will value and share. The simplicity of Oreo’s advert is what made it so ‘shareable’; the message was topical and to the point with enough tongue-in-cheek creativity to engage social networkers. However, brands cannot just rely on reactive advertising without the ‘big idea’ as, ultimately, these tactics will only jeopardize their long-term engagement strategies. “