Interview: Why InkedIn might be the new LinkedIn for SEO

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As anyone worth their salt in digital knows, SEO is a key cornerstone of outreach - either for social media or websites - and sites properly crafted with good SEO can make or break a campaign. It's been something that's been highlighted in both the DADI Awards and Social Buzz Awards (tickets for the respective Awards nights now on sale - see sidebar) and we spoke briefly to Chris Gilchrist from Dundee Web Design SEO firm HitReach about what works and one thing he's found is that tattoos are a great door opener.

SEO has been about for a long time, what's changing?

There seems to be more of a move by some to content and using content more as part of their strategies. Google's recent updates have given some people real problems but good, genuine, interesting content seems to be a winner.

To that end, when we recently announced a competition with £1300 worth of prizes, including our Link Building Toolbar, we thought we would try something a little different to help it stand out from the crowd. A little distinction, as linkbait experts like Andrew Burnett would point out, is what makes your content stand out from the crowd.

So, being a tattoo fan, I thought I'd not only offer a tattoo as part of the prize but also see if other SEOs had tattoos and it turns out that it's quite the community so we'll be talking a lot more about tattoos in the future when we all get together at events like ThinkVis, BrightonSEO and the other gatherings. Who knows, ink could be the new links - though I think QR codes as tattoos might be a stretch.

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