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Yule want to try this – tips for marketers at Xmas

The build up to Christmas tends to mean a marketing frenzy as brand marketers promote their wares as consumers spend more than at any other time of the year. Elliot Ross, senior creative designer for e-Dialog offers some advice for marketers in the lead up to the Christmas season.

We all know that Christmas is prime time for brands; retailers are hoping to squeeze as much out of the sales as possible, travel companies are hoping to secure last minute seasonal getaways and supermarkets are competing for the Christmas lunch order. All marketers are competing for cut-through amongst all of the noise. For digital marketers this is even less forthcoming, when the customer’s inbox is over-flowing with emails from all their favourite brands.

With all this in mind, Christmas marketing campaigns are still crucial for sales and brand-awareness raising so here are some tips for giving your marketing campaign the best chance for success:

Remember best practice: You’re likely to find your customers have even less time, but are being contacted more frequently at this time of year, so making sure that you’re doing the basics right is still crucial for your campaign. This means making the call to action clear, ensuring the key message is engaging and using personalization to best effect.

Use your profiling data more effectively: This is the one time of year where you should target less on what you think the user is interested in, and instead think about the products they’d give as a gift for other people.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw your profile data out the window – there’s still a lot of value in there. You just need to think about what and for whom someone would be buying presents for, based on what you know about them. It’s likely an early twenties university student would have less cash and be buying for different people, compared to, say, a late thirties Mum.

Don’t blast out campaigns: It’s always tempting this time of year, but don’t blast out the same campaign to everyone – whilst customers may be buying for others and not themselves, we can still tailor content based on what we know about them. A targeted, personalized gift guide will still be more effective than a blanket campaign of offers, and almost always the extra effort will pay off.

Remember the mobile shopper: More mobile purchases than ever are being made on devices, and this Christmas has already seen a real growth in revenue from m-commerce as the time-poor turn to their smartphones to expedite the shopping process.

Make sure that you’re thinking about the user journey for these people and think about how your emails render on mobiles. If you have the data to help you identify which devices your customers are using, put this to good use and help facilitate their journey from mobile email open to your store by providing content and links especially for mobile. If your website is optimized for mobile once the customer arrives, all the better.

Keep it consistent: John Lewis is a great example of a brand that understands the need to tie the marketing of its key products together. It’s above the line campaign is reflected in its email marketing, web promotion and through its social media channels. Similarly, a clear, cohesive campaign that ties together all of the products you’re selling will be remembered better by consumers when it comes to time to buy.

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