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No1 for No2s

For many a year now, the urban legend has existed about a sanitation company whose strapline is: “No 1 in the No 2 business.”

Though, I’ve never actually seen a company strapline remotely resembling such a promise. (Not that I’ve looked particularly hard.)

On my way home this evening, circling the Manchester Orbital – or M60 – as it’s affectionately known, I found myself behind one of those cylindrical container trucks. And, lo-and-behold! There it was: John Howe We’re No 1 for your No 2s.

A company who specialises in emptying septic tanks. (The line was on the back. But you can check their website for proof.)

One of the great lines of all time and deserves a Cross of Iron for having the balls to run with it.

Could be a great gong opportunity for any entrepreneurial creatives out there.

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