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Games or Everyone’s Games

After dealing with going on my jollies and a very busy business period, I realised that I have been remiss with respect to blogging. So I promise I’m back, whether you like it or not, spreading some opinions and knowledge with respect to the sports and leisure business.

In the interim guest blogger James Tabberer, England’s first Olympic Inspire Programmer, has decided to fill this space with a very interesting and timely blog:

Today marks one year to go (or 366 days, or 8,784 hours or 527,040 minutes or 31,622,400 seconds) to the much-anticipated London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games.

The awarding of the Games to London four years ago was greeted with much excitement and celebration across the country. However, I think it’s fair to say the road to London 2012 continues to be defined by a polorisation of views. Will they deliver a legacy? Is it a fair investment of public money? Is it ‘everyone’s Games’, or is it exclusive to punters and businesses who can afford to be part of it?

No doubt today Lord Coe and his team will be reeling off the usual array of statistics (X number of volunteers, X number businesses winning contracts, X number of spectators, X number of people to write his speeches) to parry any difficult questions like: How is London 2012 engaging with the young people of East London? (not by moving the marathon to a different part of the city anyway!)

Indeed in my previous role with London 2012’s Inspire programme (community driven programme that recognizes non-commercial projects connected the Games), it was a constant battle of trying to nurture and support new projects whilst attempting to record good statistics for the league tables i.e. not what difference have you made, but rather how many projects to you have?

Never the less I worked with some great Inspire projects that really make a difference for young people in our region, giving them a chance to take part and make positive changes in their lives.

So the moral of the story is despite the red tape and the spin, the Games can genuinely inspire people across the country to get involved.

Here at Banana Kick we think the same principle applies for businesses. You don’t need buckets of cash to make a connection to London 2012 or win a contract to benefit from the Games.
Whether it is motivating your staff, inspiring your sales team or engaging with your customers we believe that any business in Yorkshire can use the Olympics to make a difference.

In fact, we are so confident that London 2012 can be ‘every businesses Games’ that we have set ourselves the challenge to prove to any organization that they can use the Olympics to better their business.

So don’t wait 366 days to get involved, take up the challenge!

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