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2012 tickets please…

The Olympic fervour is about to heat up as tickets go on sale for the 2012 Olympic Games in London. The questions that are kicking around the office are what sports to view and what venues to see? The swimming, athletics and cycling seem to be the hot events, but some will take tickets to any event just to enjoy the experience.

This also creates some questions: what will be the ‘desirable’ events, and will people actually be able to get tickets? But the even bigger question seems to be how and when do you know what event you are going to see? Is this a lottery or first come, first served?

When you are putting yourself forward for tickets you are actually ‘applying’ for tickets and there is no advantage to submitting between March 15th to April 26th – no advantage at all. This is a random ballot, a random chance to watch the Olympics. So it may be best to either buy a high priced ticket or pick a sport that many are not interested in… Or take your chances. Also, don’t forget that you need a Visa as well. People looking to buy tickets cannot do so unless they have a Visa, or it’s too bad, so sad.

So dust off those wallets and get ready for the once in a lifetime lottery: 2012, here we come.

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