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28 February 2011 - 3:44pm | posted by | 0 comments

Facebook TV “tab”

Facebook TV “tab”Facebook TV “tab”

Have you considered the thought of Facebook providing a TV tab for your profile?

I’ve had 2 separate conversations with people (one in Texas another in Seattle) discussing this very conundrum. For many (Geeks) this exists already through the alt tab between BBC iPlayer (and others) and their Facebook ‘Wall’ but for the vast majority it could open up a whole new world. Never mind the integrated advertising opportunities.

Already the speed of Facebook specialist advertisers is fascinating to watch, some generating up to 300 classified ad’s for one product or service purely for targeting small niche groups – almost personalised in their delivery, blurring that line between direct mail and advertising.

Should there be a pressure group to suggest to the channels to allow such a thing (because I figure Facebook are already all over this) or should we let sleeping dogs…?

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