You may not have met Patrick yet, but you’ve probably heard him. The boisterous Canadian has come to our shores after an interesting career in ‘The Great White North’. He started out working...

... for the largest rock station in Canada, working on-air first as the morning drive chaps’ lackey, then as an afternoon drive on-air promotional personality. This is where the engagement bug bit him.

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30 November 2010 - 3:51pm | posted by | 0 comments

Wow, just… Wow!

Are the Red Tops to Blame?Are the Red Tops to Blame?

Wow, just… Wow! Coming from across the pond we foreigners are still very aware of how the British media is like an uncontrollable ticking time bomb, your media is world famous for systematically destroying lives, but even this level of stupidity comes as a shock. How a publicly funded entity such as the BBC can almost literally take a machete and decapitate a nation from a brilliant opportunity for is beyond me. And why they would want to this is an element of greater debate.

I won’t claim to understand this psyche, so can someone explain this to me. Why are people not so up in arms, especially those in the sporting community? Billions are at stake, thousands and thousands of jobs would be at hand – and with a few sweeps of the brush – the drams of hosting the World Cup are destroyed. Please tell me why you people of Britain put up with this? I just don’t get it. I just don’t.

Educate me please.

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