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Beanz meanz convenience

A little while ago I wrote a post about the virtues of the Baco Clingfilm dispenser. Not the most fascinating of topics I hear you cry, but, in my book, a worthy invention nonetheless. As I am a much happier and more rounded human being as a result of its timely intervention into my life.

Now, I don’t know about you, but it really gets my hackles up when somebody (and I’m looking at you, Mrs Milligan-Croft), puts an opened tin in the fridge. Not only is it extremely dangerous, (as you could easily lacerate a digit on the serrated edge of the lid), but it is tantamount to the spreading of bubonic plague.

Not any more it isn’t.

Because those sons and daughters of Zeus himself, over at Heinz NPD have nipped down from Mount Olympus to give us: the Heinz Beanz Fridge Pack.

Yes, I too have tupperware, but you have to wash tupperware up. This is genius. Twist open beanz. Pour required amount of beanz out. Put lid back on beanz. Pop beanz into fridge. Job done. And if you’re feeling green, I’m sure you could actually wash it out and use it again. Great bit of NPD.

And a lovely little ad from those boys and girls at AMV BBDO t’boot. Not sure I’ve used all those methods to store my beanz, but it’s charming spot and just what the product needs.

I know what I’m getting the missus for Christmas.

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