Twitter’s VP of Europe Bruce Daisley details what it would take to remove one of Trump’s tweets

Twitter’s vice president of EMEA Bruce Daisley recently revealed that President Trump could face consequences from Twitter if he were to tweet someone’s private address or phone number.

Daisley’s comments come as Twitter continues to receive criticism for letting Trump tweet as he pleases. A group of protesters recently called on Twitter to resign or ban the president’s account following the “Nuclear Button” tweet he sent about North Korean leader Kim Jong-un at the start of the year.

In an interview with the BBC, Daisley said that Trump could be disciplined by the platform if he were to tweet someone’s private address or phone number, calling them “no-go areas” that Twitter doesn’t permit. However, he didn’t explicitly say whether or not Trump would be removed from the platform altogether for tweeting that type of information, rather stating that the president would be asked to remove the tweet in question.

According to Twitter, users who violate its private information policy are required to remove the violating tweet and may potentially be temporarily locked out of their account. Those who continue to violate the policy face suspension.

In the face of mounting criticism over Trump’s tweets, the social media giant released a blog post last week detailing its “stance” on political figures and world leaders who use the platform. In the post, Twitter said that “blocking a world leader from Twitter or removing their controversial Tweets would hide important information people should be able to see and debate.”

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