US Creative Work of the Week: Verizon Fios gets bilingual with Stranger Things star

Verizon Fios 'Yelling' voted US Creative Work of the Week

Verizon Fios has taken a bilingual turn with its latest spot and it seems to be hitting the mark with The Drum's readers, who voted it the US Creative Work of the Week.

The ad, 'Yelling,' showcases a family dealing with slow internet speeds and trying to share the weak service they have. It features a boy, Danny, played by Marcel Ruiz, known for his role in Netflix's reboot of One Day at a Time, and Gaten Matarazzo of Netflix's Stranger Things, as his friend. Both are playing video games, but the rest of Danny's family wants to do their own online activities, so the parents shout from room to room in Spanish, urging one another to get offline. Matarazzo's character recommends Fios, since using it would allow everyone to use their own devices as they want at the same time.

Throughout the spot, created by the Community, Danny switches between English and Spanish as he talks to his parents and friend. The spot captures the duality of today’s bicultural Hispanic family, as well as their interests as they connect with their loved ones and use digital services.

To see the full spot and creative credits, click on the Creative Works box below.

If you’d like to vote for next week’s US Creative Work of the Week, visit our latest US Creative Works here. To keep up to date with all the advertising, design and creative projects from around the globe visit our Creative Works homepage.

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