Mailman Group launches China Digital Football Awards to further engage Chinese fans

Mailman's Red Card awards

Mailman Group has announced the launch of Red Card 2018, The China Digital Football Awards, which will assess the most influential European football teams, leagues and players online in China, as well as give out five new awards which will be judged by a panel of industry experts.

The three headlining awards announcing the Most Influential European Football Team, League and Player Online in China will still be assessed by the traditional Mailman-developed metrics, while the report will recognise and reward the most influential, innovative, committed and successful European football organisations and talents online in China.

The five new awards, which includes the Best Livestream, Best Tour Campaign, Best Sponsor Activation, Best Use of Technology, and Best Online Campaign, will be awarded by a panel of 6 China sports industry experts.

Andrew Collins, chief executive of the China-based social media agency, says he sees abundant opportunities for clubs looking to grow their fan base in China. “There has never been a better time than now for leagues, clubs, and players to grow their fan base in China.”

“The advancements in technology mean they can get closer to their fans and better understand their wants and needs. For this reason, we’ve have decided to reinvent our industry report and introduce awards to recognise and reward those who are investing their time and effort in China,” he added.

The Drum spoke to Mailman in September about another report called The Red Card+, which is the largest ever survey of Chinese sports fans.

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