Ad of the Day: Icon recruits pregnant pole dancer and skating queer rights activist to say 'Piss Off'

The posters have been plastered across NYC

The latest campaign from ‘pee-proof underwear’ brand Icon features a surprising trio of women: a pregnant pole dancer, a skateboarding advocate for queer and trans rights and 57-year-old clinical psychology PHD candidate. All three feature in the out-of-home campaign dubbed ‘Piss Off’.

The brand created the platform to de-stigmatise bladder leakage in women and celebrate the mildly blasphemous term ‘Piss Off’ as an affirmation. For Icon, ‘freedom means saying "yes" to whatever lights you up, and "piss off" to what doesn’t’, according to a statement.

Icon cast three unique female personalities – as opposed to the standard grandma character – to visually represent how one in three women suffer from bladder leaks.

Novelist, skateboarder, comic, actor and queer and trans rights advocate Tara Jepsen is photographed skating in black underwear, while the grey-haired cancer survivor, yoga instructor and PHD candidate Bella McCloud models her red pair on the beach with nothing else save a black blazer.

Ashley Wright, a pole dancer who intersects her sport with her role as mother, shows off her purple icon knickers with her daughter, and upon her pole.

The Piss Off posters are on display in New York City until the end of the year. A takeover of the Bryant Park subway station will launch on 4 December.

Icon’s in-house creative team designed the work.

Icon: Piss Off

Added 14 November 2017
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