Ad of the Day: Pornhub composes a sex toy symphony to create buzz around Ann Summers hook up

Pornhub has again collaborated with creative duo, Officer & Gentleman, this time to deliver a compelling electro track composed solely with the buzzing and jingling of sex toys.

The two-and-a-half-minute track called 'Sex Instruments' is hosted on Bandcamp and it utilised an orchestral symphony of sex toy buzzing and moaned lyrics like ‘I am so horny, it’s crazy, crazy, CRAZY'.

Connecting this whimsical and unsafe for work creative to an actual return on investment, the Pornhub website now sells Ann Summers sex toys in a partnership so obvious it’s a wonder it took so long to get off the ground.

Electro-pop band Perlita is to thank for the music. They utilized sex toys in every imaginable manner with anal beads being using to lay down the beat and vibrators buzzing the melody.

Adult actors Carolina Abril and Jesus Reyes feature in the video that puts on display the array of toys on offer.

Officer & Gentleman previously spoke to The Drum about working the magical Pornhub brief, a client that seems to come with very few restrictions and accepts pitches like Wankband and Bangfit.

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