Funan unveils new visual identity that showcases its 'passion clusters'

The new 'Funan'.

Funan, formerly the Funan DigitaLife Mall, a specialist in consumer electronics, has commissioned a visual identity to capture the exciting variety of experiences on offer through the visualisation of Funan’s six ‘passion clusters’: Fit, Play, Craft, Taste, Chic and Tech, when it reopens.

The mall will feature an exciting mixed-use development with co-living, co-working and retail components; a theatre, cinema, gym and fitness facilities; and a space for local designers and makers to hold workshops and promote their craft.

The rebranding, which is being handled by independent brand design agency Design Bridge, will see the agency tasked to create a bold graphic language to represent each cluster. For example, a grey and silver pattern inspired by strands of DNA and code represents ‘Tech’ and a graphic referencing pulse and heart rate monitors has been created for ‘Fit’.

The individual graphics provide a distinctive identity to different areas within Funan and help consumers navigate the exciting array of possibilities and opportunities inside. When taken together, the full collection of patterns and colour-ways expresses the rich diversity of Funan’s offering as a whole.

Design Bridge also created the new Funan logo and typography from overlapping geometric shapes, inspired by Funan’s location at a ‘cultural intersection’ of the city and the overlapping blocks in the building’s design. The logo itself is formed from the intersection of six different ‘blocks’, referencing Funan’s six passion clusters, and the same style is used to create the rest of the typography.

A ‘special-use’ version of the logo has been created for the building façade incorporating the six different patterns to express the exciting variety that people will be able to experience inside the new Funan.

“Our approach was to think about Funan as a new, modern lifestyle brand, instead of a branded shopping mall. Our starting point was Funan’s strategic location at the crossroad of heritage, business, politics and culture in Singapore’s Civic & Cultural District," said Tom Gilbert, creative director of brand experience at Design Bridge.

"This idea is echoed in the architecture and became the core of our branding concept: ‘Funan - Singapore’s Creative Intersection’. This captured Funan’s positioning as a dynamic place of passion and discovery and allowed us to start digging deeper into how to visualise all of its rich offerings.”

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