Game whips up a storm of its own making with contentious Hurricane Irma tweet

Game deletes contentious Hurricane Irma tweet

High Street retailer Game has been forced to delete a contentious tweet by one of its Belfast branches after the store advertised its latest sales as an antidote to the chaos of Hurricane Irma which has just devastated Florida.

In a tweet posted on Monday morning, @GameConnswater wrote: “#HurricaneIrma may be causing chaos but check out our crazy good #tech deals to brighten up your day!”

This elicited immediate scorn from some, disturbed by such close juxtaposition between an event which has led to the deaths of over 40 people with the sale of home entertainment.

In a statement, the videogame chain said: “The tweet was inappropriate and we've now taken it down," said a Game spokesperson.

"We have sympathy with those affected by Hurricane Irma."

Game isn't the first to find itself at the centre of a storm of its own making after American Apparel launched a 20% off sale in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

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