Chinese restaurant finds itself without support after running breast size promotion

Discounts for women of a select physicality / Qianjiang Evening Post

A sexist promotion from a Chinese restaurant has found itself over a hot wok for offering discounts to woman depending on their breast size.

A demeaning cartoon ad for the Trendy Shrimp restaurant at a mall in Hangzhou showed a line of women in ordered of ascending breast size, it was initially reported by the Qianjiang Evening Post.

The promotion ran the first week of August and said: “The whole city is looking for BREASTS.” Complaints naturally accused it of being "vulgar advertising" going further to saying it was "discriminatory towards women".

BBC News reports that the restaurant stood by the promotion, claiming that “customer numbers rose by about 20%," adding that "some of the girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide,” according to general manager Lan Shenggang.

Nonetheless, the promotion has come to a close.

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