Facebook is adding another Custom Audience targeting option

Facebook is going to let advertisers target users who have RSVP'd to events.

Facebook is adding a feature that will allow brands to target ads to users who have RSVP’d to brand events.

Facebook rep confirmed the plan to The Drum after screenshots were posted on Twitter, but chose not to comment further.

According to a report Marketing Land, the new targeting option will be in Facebook’s Custom Audiences, which Facebook says is “a type of audience you can create made up of your existing customers” so brands can “target ads…on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.”

With the new option, it was reported that brands will be able to create Custom Audiences of consumers who responded to specific events or to any event created by a given advertiser. There will also be an option to target those who said they were going or those who said they were interested – or both. And this includes responses as far back as 180 days ago.

The targeting will work like all Custom Audience lists – brands can use them to target specific users, to exclude specific users or to target similar users.

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Lisa Lacy

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