US Creative Work of the Week: Gyro creates slow concrete sculptures to promote structural panels

USG Structural Panels ad

Trying to advertise structural panels to the construction industry might seem pretty dull and straightforward. But agency Gyro managed to find an interesting angle to get builders interested in buying the panels.

Structure engineers, when constructing a midrise building, often default to poured concrete because it’s what they know. Gyro was able to show that poured concrete is heavy and expensive and can slow down or hold back the building process. They did it by making the poured concrete look like animals such as a tortoise, a hippo and a leg-grabbing octopus.

The print campaign promotes the use of USG Structural Panels, which claim to have the durability, defense against rot and mold, and fire resistance of concrete while also significantly reducing the weight of a structure. The creative shows that poured concrete can slow down the building process and the panels offer a simpler solution that is faster and easier.

For its originality in a tough market, our readers voted the campaign the US Creative Work of the Week.

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