The Guardian embraces Rupert Murdoch in pursuit of elusive ad revenues

The Guardian embraces Rupert Murdoch in pursuit of elusive ad revenues

The Guardian and News Corp may be unlikely suitors, but all is fair in love and war as it seems as both parties embrace in a new alliance, despite routinely hacking lumps out of each other in their respective editorials.

Sensing a ‘big opportunity’ both newspaper groups are to set aside their differences to create a joint commercial sales operation, despite the withdrawal of Telegraph Media Group which has followed the Daily Mail and Trinity Mirror out the exit door.

Their departure leaves Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and The Guardian as the last suitors standing in project Arena, an ambitious pan-industry strategy designed to counter falling advertising revenues by presenting a united front.

Speaking to The Financial Times, Guardian News and Media Group, chief executive David Pemsel confirmed that the initiative remained ‘active’, saying: “There is a lot of pent up demand for a bigger, bolder advertising vision from the news business that increases collaboration and potentially brings more consolidation.”

All options are on the table as far as the Guardian is concerned to get its own house in order it seems, with Pemsel also drawing up last resort plans to build a paywall.

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