Facebook is testing a gif-making feature

Facebook is testing a feature that will allow users to create their own gifs.

It was a big week for gifs.

Just days after news emerged Boston commuters are getting gif PSAs, Facebook confirmed it is starting to test a gif-making feature within its camera with a small number of people using Facebook on iOS.

“We're hoping to roll this out more widely in a few weeks, but nothing else to share quite yet,” a Facebook rep added in an email.

According to The Next Web, which first spotted the feature, the gifs created via Facebook only last a few seconds, but they allow users to add effects and frames. Users can post these gifs to their Facebook profiles and stories or save them to their devices.

The move comes after Facebook recently added the ability to comment on posts in gif form as well.

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Lisa Lacy

Lisa Lacy is a senior reporter for The Drum, covering digital and search marketing. Based in New York, she writes about how brands use technology to connect with consumers, particularly as innovations like voice search, digital assistants and the Internet of Things change consumers’ lives forever – not to mention the data these platforms increasingly collect and the security and privacy issues therein. She is a graduate of Columbia's School of Journalism. Her bucket list includes riding in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile.

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