Facebook’s ‘demo-tainment’ campaign targets creative agencies and strategists

Facebook mobile ads

In March, Facebook's global business marketing team launched the first phase of a five-month campaign with a goal of conveying the power of mobile video ads to tell emotional stories.

The second phase of what it calls the ‘Laugh, Cry, Wow, Buy’ campaign went live recently to bring to life a wide range of Facebook and Instagram products, including vertical and short form video.

The new phase of this campaign is driving people to a landing page that highlights the different forms of video and is targeting creative agencies and strategists. This phase is focused on ‘demo-tainment’, demonstrating the creative potential of brand storytelling across the creative canvases that Facebook and Instagram offer.

One ad asks: “What can you do with vertical ads?” The 15-second spot then climbs up a woman’s extremely tall and intricately adorned hairdo (complete with birds and flowers), before it says: “Tell taller tales” and tags it with “Make people laugh, cry, wow and buy” with corresponding emojis.

Another vertical one shows a car driving up the side of the building with the same tag.

"Video on Facebook is personal, built around connections, conversations and communities. More video is being shared and watched on Facebook than ever before – with 100m hours of video watched every day,” said Michelle Klein, marketing director at Facebook, North America. “We are placing video at the heart of all of our apps and services, and the campaign demonstrates mobile video's ability to make people ‘laugh, cry, wow and buy’. It highlights the creative possibilities of how video moves people and evokes emotion on mobile, while showcasing the innovative storytelling across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.”

Other forms of video in the campaign are 360 video, slide shows, Instagram Stories and Audience Network.

“We believe that creativity unlocks the value of our platforms, and mediums like mobile video help advertisers build meaningful connections with people,” added Klein.

The campaign will run across a variety of channels and formats, including Facebook and Instagram video ads, print ads, out of home, and through physical activations.

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