Drinkaware addresses dangers of home drinking with ‘have a little less, feel a lot better’ campaign run by PrettyGreen

Drinkaware address dangers of home drinking with ‘Have a little less, feel a lot better’ campaign

Drinkaware, an independent charity aimed at educating people on safe alcohol consumption, has appointed entertainment, sports and wellbeing agency PrettyGreen to promote its ‘Have a little less, feel a lot better’ campaign.

The campaign intends to reduce consumption of alcohol among men aged 45-64 who drink over the low risk drinking guidelines; the activity centres around the at home male drinking culture, utilising TalkSport presenters and listeners input to drive home the key message ‘have a little less, feel a lot better’.

Ben Butler, Drinkaware director of marketing and communications, explained: “Almost half of the UK’s middle-aged men are drinking above the low risk weekly alcohol guidelines. Our work with PrettyGreen will help us to reach over 80% of our audience with engaging and credible messaging. ”

Emma Grace, managing director at PrettyGreen, commented: “Drinkaware’s campaign will help midlife men understand what a small change in their drinking would mean to them, alongside help and advice to support them to cut down on their drinking.”

The campaign kicks off in June, partnering with TalkSport.

PrettyGreen's other clients include John Lewis, Nintendo, LEGO, MaxiMuscle and Virgin Media.

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