Katy Perry livestreams her entire weekend Big Brother-style to promote Witness album

Katy Perry was sleeping at the time of publication 2.22am

Katy Perry opened up herself to life on a webcam livestream in an attempt to promote her new album ‘Witness’ during the weekend.

Viewers have been following Perry through her meticulously stage-managed day-to-day with a therapy session on Friday setting the tone for what turned out to be a diverse and emotional broadcast reminiscent of the Big Brother show’s 24-hour cams. After breaking down in front of her therapist she partook in everything from yoga to sleeping to watching TV.

The event trended on the hashtag #WitnessWorldWide, showing how artists have to adopt new marketing channels to attract attention and convert that to sales. No doubt the content struck a chord with many of the artist’s fans too, seeing as she is the most followed person on Twitter with just shy of 100m followers.

During the stream, numerous celebrities popped in for discussions

Housed at the supposed 'Witness Worldwide Headquarters', the activity culminates in a free concert for 1,000 fans, hosted in LA.

The stream continues, you can catch it here.

Livestreams appear to be in vogue, Bud Light recently creating a frog reality TV show to promote its adoption of the Budweiser Frogs.

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