Ad of the Day: GE teams up with electro act Gryffin to depict energy flow through the medium of dance

Energy brand GE has tapped the worlds of electronic media and expressive dance for its latest creative – an original track and film dubbed Illuminate that aims to show how energy moves around the globe.

The ‘world’s first digital industrial company’ teamed up with electronic music artist Gryffin for the project as well as choreographer Cynthia Geffon, who has directed the likes of Mackenzie Ziegler from Dance Moms and Jim Nowakowski from So You Think You Can Dance.

The dancers’ bodies were choreographed to emulate how energy produced from sources like wind, solar and gas moves through GE’s electrical grid, illustrating scenarios such as a power outage being resolved while set against an electric blue and black background.

The visual effects team developed a bespoke performance capture system based on a combination of the Lightcraft Prevision and Microsoft Kinect depth sensors to record the movements of the dancers in three dimensions.

Produced by Urban Sled, the film premiered today (6 June). GE hopes the initiative will ‘captivate and inform consumers about the ways in which its businesses harness and distribute the world’s energy’.

GE: Illuminate by Urban Sled

Added 06 June 2017
Agency: Urban Sled
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