Millennials burdened by financial worries, lack of time survey suggests

What millennials want

Although each generation faces specific challenges, some facts remain the same and a recent survey reports that financial security is the number one concern for millennial parents, with 64% of those surveyed citing finances and money as the number one worry in their life. In addition, 92% of the millennial parents surveyed, (individuals born between 1982 and 2004) agreed that being financially secure was a major worry spot for themselves and their family.

While being financially secure was the biggest burden for young families, the online survey of more than 1,000 US millennial parents also found that job opportunities, being able to afford a house and being able to afford healthcare were top priorities, and 56% said financial security, including having more money, a better job or a job that pays better and a new house or place to live, were things they wish they could change.

Additionally, the report notes that 75% of those surveyed cited they did not have enough time and that a work-life balance does remain more of a priority for millennials than ever before. Six out of ten millennials said they feel constantly challenged to be somewhere on time, and feel they would like to spend more time with family and friends, that they are too busy and do not have time for themselves.

In fact, 75% of participants agreed with that if they had more time they would spend it with family, a spouse, oneself, and they would like more time to read, entertain, take a class or work on home-improvement.

When extra time is discovered, many millennial parents still do find time to worry and one of their biggest worries is children’s health (90%), children’s education (89%), and staying healthy (88%), with three out of four millennials worried about keeping a clean house.

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