David Carson and 72andSunny design director Richard Harrington collaborate for special covers of The Drum

To celebrate the first global issue of The Drum, two unique covers, have been specially co-created by designer David Carson and 72andSunny design director Richard Harrington telling a story of collaboration and creativity crossing borders.

David Carson's cover for The Drum

Globalization has given all of us the opportunity for radical, borderless collaboration, and has allowed for a richer creative process, through the possibility of constant exchange of ideas. It is this principle of collaboration that has served as the inspiration for this issue’s two cover designs.

Despite being 5,550 miles apart, Richard and David came together to create a dual-cover concept that embodies the power of the creative process and potential of international collaboration.

For a week, Harrington and Carson inspired each other, through conversations and sharing of images, and used each other’s design vision to influence their own independent creations. Both pieces were heavily influenced by one another, yet the end result is personal to its creator.

The design communicates the longitude and latitude coordinates of their respective locations, Amsterdam (52.377939 N, 4.881879 W) and Los Angeles (34.0522 N, 118.2437 W), producing a unique visual language that captures the collaborative process of globalization. Despite the distance, Harrington and Carson’s covers are a reflection of a close, intimate design process along with shared respect and admiration.

Read each designer's personal insights into their creation and see more of The Drum's coverage of globalization and how it is affecting the marketing and creative communities in the magazine itself, available to purchase online now.

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