Jameson is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with social giveaways, limited edition bottles

Jameson is celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with social giveaways, limited edition bottles

On St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson Irish Whiskey is channeling its Irish spirit on social media and via giveaways.

Agency 360i brought together Jameson and Fooji, an on-demand delivery app, to create a giveaway for a free Jameson t-shirt for those in New York, Boston or Philadelphia. With the hashtag #JamesonSPDSwag, those that saw one of the tweets could get their own swag within two hours.

Additionally, Jameson spread its spirit to Snapchat in 75 bar districts including Baltimore’s Federal Hill and South Lamar in Austin, Texas. The brand has also partnered with Uber to offer free rides over St. Patrick's Day weekend, up to $10, on UberX and UberPool in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas and Houston.

When users in participating Uber areas opened the app, they saw a note that read, “This St. Patrick’s Day, enjoy a free ride (up to $10) courtesy of Jameson Irish whiskey, so you can celebrate [your] favorite holiday and get home safely with a designated driver.”

In addition to the social festivities, Jameson also debuted its annual special St. Patrick’s Day bottle. The limited-edition bottle was created by Steve McCarthy, who said that his inspiration this year was St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the story of the phrase, “chance their arm.”

“When you take a chance with a new connection, it can lead to really exciting things. I didn’t realize that chancing your arm was such a uniquely Irish phrase,” he said in a video debuting the bottle. “The international equivalent would be like taking a bit of a long shot or taking a step out of your comfort zone.”

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