Amazon introduces Alexa to Apple’s iPhone

Amazon introduces Alexa to Apple’s iPhone

Amazon has brought its AI-powered Alexa voice assistant to Apple’siPhone for the first time, enabling Amazon app users to play music, search for information or check the weather without lifting a finger.

The service has been made available previously by third parties but this counts as the first time Amazon itself has stepped into the breach with an officially sanctioned solution – a boon to the increasing number of tech enthusiasts filling their homes with Alexa-enabled gadgetry.

The simple app features a microphone icon at the top of the screen used to activate Alexa functionality whereupon the talkative assistance can be prevailed upon to answer almost any question imaginable as well as make purchases, fact check and control connected devices – even BMW vehicles.

Rolling out today the feature ought to be available to all US users by next week although it cannot be used as a direct replacement to Apple’s own Siri voice assistant, which is baked onto the iOS operating system.

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