Kia wants you to smell the exertion of your favourite NBA teams

Workers in the Kia Scent Lab extracting the NBA scent

NBA players work up a sweat shooting the hoops and the leagues official automotive partner Kia wants you to know it with a pungent new stunt.

Kia has unveiled NBA air fresheners providing drivers with each team’s ‘distinct in-game musk’ – the call to action will be that the products will only be stocked across 190 American Kia dealerships.

The campaign from Momentum Worldwide has been promoted on social media, with further shares coming from 12 of the NBA teams the auto manufacturer supports.

A total of 18,000 of the air fresheners (air worseners?) have been distributed across the dealerships.

Creativity Online reports that Momentum Worldwide CCO Omid Farhang said: "We worked with a fragrance manufacturer and selected from scents that we felt embodied each team's personally and aura in olfactory form.

"We took into account the personality of the city, the history of the franchise, the culture of the fan base. I assure you, our process was at least as thorough as that which led to Michael Jordan's cologne."

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