Introducing You Couldn’t Make This Crap Up – a new series on the anecdotes of ad land

The Drum presents You Couldn’t Make This Crap Up, a new 10-part video series spotlighting the bizarre (and sometimes shocking) stories that advertisers collect during a lifetime in the industry.

Directed by Nicole Bosky and filmed by Tom Baker, the films feature the likes of John Jessup, Kiki Kendrick and Mark Denton. Their stories span office pyrotechnics, a lost falcon, a dope-laden shoot and a Ben Affleck-shaped PR quagmire.

You Couldn’t Make This Crap Up launches tomorrow (15 March) with Dave Trott, who recalls a drunken incident from his time as a junior copywriter.

Catch more original video from The Drum here.

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Katie Deighton

Katie Deighton is The Drum's video reporter and researcher, covering the marketing and media industries through film (and words).

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