Ghost in the Shell releases personalised poster marketing campaign: some people abuse it

The live action remake of the Ghost in the Shell anime will launch later this month (31 March) is kicking up its marketing drive with a stunt allowing fans to personalise posters based on the movie’s creative.

Users can insert images and words into posters adhering to the motifs inspired by the ‘I am Major’ trailer (viewable above).

However, it seems whenever brands give the internet the chance to customize creative (see Coke Gif the Feeling, Boaty McBoatFace, McDonald’s Create a Burger), something is likely to go wrong.

The Paramount Pictures campaign around the Scarlett Johansson vehicle directs viewers to the hub, asking users ‘Who are you’ reports Uproxx.

Below are some of the more colourful contributions to the campaign on social media. Many referenced the accusations of white washing afforded to the recasting of the Japanese characters, including Scarlett Johansson.

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