HP offers up an 80s-style 'Computer Show' parody, contrasting the dawn of the computer age with the advances in its printers today

Like a blast from the past, HP has revamped a 1980s video series 'Computer Show,' by creating its own episode as a way to discuss new printing innovation, PageWide technology.

In partnership with marketing agency Giant Spoon and Sandwich Video, the video has the feel of an early 80s game show but its players are actual tech luminaries. The 'show' begins when the skeptical host asks, "Why would you ever need to print anything?" In a creative approach to B2B marketing, the show is comical (and awkward at times) but provides the opportunity to talk about how business printing has advanced.

Created by Adam Lisagor, Roxana Altamirano, and Tony Altamirano, 'Computer Show' stars TV Host Gary Fabert (played by Rob Baedecker) at the dawn of the computer era (circa 1983). The droll host is skeptical of his two, rather nerdy HP guests, and asks them a series of inane question about their HP PageWide technology like "it sounds wide but can it print long?" and "can it print happiness?"

With early 80s-style hair and suits, combined with the associated synths and graphics, VHS tapes and reams of paper, the host and his guests seem to be treading slowly in the tech field but are in fact, experts, founders, thinkers, entrepreneurs — from 2017. The video wraps with a Rod Serling-type commentator explaining mankind's quest to imprint itself on the world from its earliest beginnings. The character takes it one step farther -with a nod to Bruce Lee - when he advises that we "see paper as the river and HP like the ... mud. Keep reinventing."


  • Title: 'Computer Show'
  • Client: HP
  • VP, PPS Marketing: Vikrant Batra
  • Head of Americas, Print Marketing, Shuchi Sarkar
  • US Commercial Printing Marketing Director: Flavia Paulella Kennedy
  • Social Media Campaign Manager, Kathleen Barrett
  • Agency: Giant Spoon
  • Co-Founder: Jon Haber
  • VP, Brand Management: Pierre Parisot
  • Associate Director Strategy: Adam Wiese
  • Senior Strategist: Albert Kugel
  • Senior Strategist: Veronica Brothwell
  • Jr. Strategist: Madeleine Reeves
  • Business Affairs: Catherine Huang
  • Production Company: Sandwich Video
  • Created by Roxana Altamirano, Tony Altamirano, Adam Lisagor
  • Director: Adam Lisagor
  • Executive Producer: Shadie Elnashai
  • Executive Producer: Adam Lisagor
  • Written by: Joshua Allen, Adam Lisagor, Roxana Altamirano, Tony Altamirano, Rob Baedeker
  • Producer: Greg Kindra
  • Director of Photography: Lowell A. Meyer
  • Art Director: Gabe Wilson
  • Wardrobe: Courtney Arthur, Gabrielle Levinson-Wahl
  • Make-up/Hair: Regan Livingston, Andrea Steele
  • Production Supervisor: Dave Beglin
  • 1st Asst. Director: Alex Comery
  • 2nd Asst. Director: Ben Kanyusik
  • Head of Production: Greg Kindra
  • Sound Mix: George Wymenga
  • Cameras: Jessica Fisher, Allison Hefner
  • Videotape Editor: Zena Grey
  • Videotape Engineer: Zach Hobesh
  • Electronic Graphics: Jarred Hageman
  • Computer Music by Adam Deibert, Breakmaster Cylinder
  • Set Design: Chase Sata, Quill Chae-Daniel, Carlos Flores, Joshua Griffey, Larry Alberti

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