Uzbek film Daydi suspended until marketers stop pretending it features Morgan Freeman

Morgan freeman in Daydi

Oscar winning actor Morgan Freeman has lent his talents to over 120 movies according to IMDB, however, a Uzbek production has landed in hot water for trying to bring that substantial filmography to 121 titles.

The release of Uzbek action movie ‘Daydi’ has been brought to a standstill for featuring the likeness of Morgan Freeman on the promotional materials despite the fact that the actor never makes an appearance in the production and has absolutely nothing to do with the project.

A poster distributed on social media caught the eye of the Uzbekkino watchdog, it noticed that a Morgan Freeman still from the movie 'The Last Nights' featured prominently on marketing materials, giving potential movie-goers the impression that the star will appear in the homegrown movie, according to local media.

As a result of the action, the movie has been suspended by the agency in order to protect consumer rights until a team when the production studio sees fit to correct the actor’s appearance on the “trailer of the film, banners and tickets”.

The agency accuses producer Timur Film of utilizing the star “in order to increase the demand for film”.

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