Slack introduces threaded posts to make conversations easier to track

Slack Threads

Workplace messaging service Slack is set to roll out a new feature that will make it easier to track longer conversations.

Currently, conversations are hosted in channels where all users are free to post comments in chronological order. This sometimes causes a disjointed conversation, making it harder to commence older conversations. As a result, it has unveiled ‘Threads’ as a solution.

The company said: “Discussions can move quickly and cover a lot of ground. They evolve — and branch off — as people share insights, ask questions, and introduce new topics (or resurface old ones).

Users can ‘Start a thread’ which appears on the right hand of the screen, aiding in the use of longer discussions. The number of replies will be listed.

With the sector getting busier with Facebook at Work and Microsoft Workplace looking to grow their respective audiences, Slack will benefit from improving its core product as much as possible.

Read more about the changes on the Slack Medium blog.

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