Gamers unearth Mass Effect related Easter egg on Amazon Echo

Gamers unearth Mass Effect related Easter egg on Amazon Echo

Amazon’s popular voice activated multimedia speaker continues to surprise with gamers unearthing an obtuse reference to the popular Mass Effect series, simply by uttering one rather deep question, ‘Does this unit have a soul?’

Instead of combusting in a ball of fire and smoke, your Amazon Echo should sagely respond with ‘Keelah se’lai, my friend’ - meaningless gibberish to most but a phrase with profound meaning for anyone who has slogged through the action RPG universe.

The exchange copies the concluding scenes of the central plotline of Mass Effect 3 as a conflict between the mechanised ‘Geth’ race reaches its conclusion with the ‘Quarians’.

Sadly for Amazon Echo users it is unlikely this means unit has a soul, with the devices not yet packing the smarts to differentiate between the voices of their owners and those blaring from a nearby TV.

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